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Laila Ghanim Al Hemeiri ( LGA ) Auditing fraud and forensic investigations practice offers a valuable combination of both industry and technical expertise, providing the highest possible value to our legal and financial industry clients facing internal investigations, regulatory inquiries and/or complex litigation.

Within the context of responsible management and effective leadership, organizations must consider the risks of fraud and malfeasance and how the consequences of these actions can impact stakeholders, enterprise value, and future operations. The typical organization losses 5% of revenues to fraud each year, but by implementing policies and procedures to prevent, deter, and detect fraud as part of an overall anti-fraud strategy, companies can work to reduce the likelihood of fraud and limit the financial and reputational impact when fraud occurs.

Forensic accountant’s primary duty is to analyze, interpret, summaries and present complex financial- and business-related issues in a manner that is both understandable by the layman and properly supported by the evidence. Our services include Fraud Investigative and Forensic accounting, in depth data analysis, Fraud Risk Management, Awareness Trainings. Our forensic accounting and investigative experience include Conflicts of interest, Embezzlement, Fraudulent financial reporting, Misappropriation of corporate assets, Money laundering, Quantifying losses incurred by a not-for-profit action by the top management. We are filled with experienced staff to provide the better service to each of our clients. We do our best for clients to make them satisfied.